Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check the answers below or give us a call us at (386) 310-8500

How can I request a Paxi Ride?

It is easy to request a Paxi Ride. Just download the app, attach a payment method and request a ride including the type of pet you wish transported. Certain pets might require a special purpose vehicle and will require advanced notice.

Can pet owners ride with their pets on Paxi?

Yes of course. Pet owners are welcomed to ride with their pets during trips to and from their appointments.

What are your business hours?

Our business administration office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 Am to 8:00 PM EST and on Saturdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays. However, ride services are 24/7.

Do you provide emergency transportation for pets?

Yes, we do and this is a critical part of the service we provide to our clients. Some clients might not have the means to transport their pets to the emergency veterinary clinic. We assist clients in their time of need.

Will you be able to access pets in homes with owner's permission?

Yes, we will offer additional assistance to owners who might not be at home and wish for their pet to get a ride or picked up by walkers. All our employees go through a background check and we are licensed and bonded.

How can a client pay for services?

Clients need to have a valid credit card on file. However, clients can also use PayPal, Cash app or other forms of recognized electronic payments.

Can clients book transportation for large animals such as horses?

Yes, we can facilitate the bookings for larger animals but with at least 24 hours advanced notice.

Do you need to have a pet carrier and harness to transport pets?

We advise that all owners have their specialized transport equipment or carrier cages for their pets as these must be sterilized and specific to the type of pet they wish to transport. However, our drivers might keep small to medium-sized carriers on their transport as a convenience to clients.

How can you become a Paxi Driver?

It is easy to become a Paxi Driver. Please complete the online application and provide a valid driver's license. You will need to undergo a background check, provide current vehicle insurance, vehicle registration, type of vehicle including the size and what animals/items you wish to transport or services you can provide

How can you become part of the Paxi Vendor Network of Services?

It is easy to become part of the Paxi Vendor Network of Services. You will need to complete the online application, pay a registration fee of $19.99 and monthly fees of $19.99. Being part of the Paxi Vendor Network of Service Providers will give you unlimited access to thousands of clients who will have a convenient and affordable means to use your services.

Do you provide emergency transport services?

Please use our HOTLINE 877-PAXI911