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Paxi gets your pets where they need to be.
Find Paxi in the following areas:

Coming very soon to all major cities near you!

  1. Little Rock, Arkansas

  2. Birmingham, Alabama

  3. Phoenix, AZ

  4. Scottsdale, AZ

  5. Tucson, AZ

  6. Long Beach, California

  7. Pasadena, California

  8. Colorado Springs, Colorado

  9. Denver, CO

  10. Boise, Idaho

  11. Chicago, IL

  12. Indianapolis, Indiana

  13. Boston, Massachusetts

  14. Minneapolis, MN

  15. Billings, Montana

  16. New Jersey City, New Jersey

  17. Omaha, Nebraska

  18. Albuquerque, NM

  19. Charlotte, North Carolina

  20. Wilmington, North Carolina

  21. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  22. Rochester, New York

  23. Las Vegas, NV

  24. North Dakota

  25. New York, Manhattan

  26. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  27. Dayton, Ohio

  28. Portland, Oregon

  29. Providence, Rhode Island

  30. Columbia, South Carolina

  31. Knoxville, Tennessee

  32. Memphis, Tennessee

  33. Austin, Texas

  34. Virginia Beach, Virginia

  35. Seattle, Washington

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Paxi Vendor Network of Services Monthly Subscription

$34.95 / Monthly (recurring payment)

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$34.95 (one time payment)

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Why join the  Paxi Vendor Network?

Paxi provides a base of thousands of potential clients located in close proximity to your business in . Paxi offers pet rides in Daytona Beach, FL similar to an Uber On Demand Service with the difference of focusing on pets or people who choose to ride with their pets. In addition, Paxi has an affiliation with dog walkers, pet sitters groomers, trainers and persons/businesses offering pet-related services.

Paxi will promote your business as part of its trusted pet services directory and you will have the convenience of attracting new and ongoing customers. As a result, you might have fewer cancellations and problematic schedules as we will provide the service to get your client’s pets to you on time and bring them back to their owners.

Clients will have the convenience of not having the hassle to make appointments or to take the time out of their schedules to get their pet to appointments.


Being part of the network will improve the visibility of your business while improving your customer service. This service is for pet-related businesses in Daytona Beach, FL of all sizes. It saves on advertising and promotion costs.


Vets, Sitters, Veterinary clinics, Farriers, Boarding Services, Groomers, Pet Daycare Centers, Pet Supply Shops, Dog Walkers, trainers of all pets including horses, Pet Friendly Hotels/Vacation sites and Airbnb), Pet-Friendly Restaurants and all pet-related businesses in Daytona Beach, FL are invited to grow their business with Paxi!

It's all in the app.


Inside the app, Paxi users will be able to see all the businesses in their area that have joined the Paxi network. That means more new customers will see your business every day!


Paxi helps your customers.


Paxi helps your customers  get their pets to your business on time without having to do it themselves. As an added convenience, the Paxi driver will also come back and pick up the pet and deliver it back to its owner after your service!